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Cool Stuff: 17 Amazing, Arty AC Units

AC Units: extremely useful things but hardly easy on the eye. These street artists have turned the humble metal box into something truly beautiful. They’ve left us wondering why everyone doesn’t make their air conditioning unit into a masterpiece. Whether they’re cleverly camouflaged or playing a major part in a magnificent mural, these air conditioningContinue reading

Unusual ways to stay warm

We all know winter is well and truly in the post. Every now and then the ever-present expanse of grey cloud that covers the UK like a dank, omnipotent moss may part for a few seconds, revealing a few rays of glorious, ephemeral sunshine, but we all know this is a fad. Back to theContinue reading

Extreme Offices

Source Life’s a beach, then you go home If the company you work for can’t quite afford air conditioning or if the system has gone bust on a freezing winter’s day, you would really want your office to look like this. You could just imagine soaking up the sun on a golden Caribbean beach whileContinue reading

Extreme World Weather

Extreme weather has fascinated and frightened humankind for millennia. But while most of us cower in fear when confronted by extreme flooding, hailstones, or a hurricane, some brave souls can’t resist reaching for the camera. Thanks to these fearless photographers, we’ve been able to compile our pick of our favourite examples of extreme weather onContinue reading

Air Con Of The Future

Global warming is seemingly turning the world into a great big ball of blistering sunshine, leading to our lives, for those who take the term very literally, to become one never ending episode of Baywatch. When you’re really getting sick of how long the sun wants to wear his ever-present hat on those longer andContinue reading

DIY Disasters And Accidents Waiting To Happen

Extreme light bulb changing Source This photo seems to provide a visual answer to the question: how many morons does it take to change a light bulb at 50ft? But it looks like the chap at the peak of the makeshift ladder drew the short straw. There’s a thin line between being brave and, simplyContinue reading

Homeowner Holds Air Conditioning Repairman at Gunpoint

Temperatures in the US are currently at sweltering levels, meaning tempers are running high too. And being left without air conditioning is clearly a major problem. Nowhere more so than in the house of Stan Nguyen, who the Daily Mail have reported held an air conditioning repair man up at gunpoint when an argument overContinue reading

Weird Alternatives To Air Conditioners

If you cannot get an air conditioner or the power goes out, how can you stay cool when it’s hot? Well, frankly, that depends on your definition of cool. While the following gadgets will ensure your core temperature doesn’t rise, they will be disastrous for your street cred. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. TheseContinue reading

Weirdest Service Animals

We’ve all heard of seeing-dogs for the blind. But now all the animals want in on the act. It seems that it’s not just canines who want to be our eyes and ears; it’s also animals which don’t even have them. Do snakes have ears? Who knows… Iguana helping hand? A service iguana is notContinue reading

11 Most Creative Air Vent Designs

It’s the vent of the Mersey Tunnel, not the rear end of The Starship Enterprise Source Air vents are a vital part of our society, not just functionally, but culturally as well. What would have happened to John McClaine if the Nakatomi Plaza had opted for a more open-plan ventilation system? What would have happenedContinue reading

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