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Why is it vital to service your air conditioner regularly?

Electronic equipment must be serviced regularly to maintain its efficiency. Your air conditioning unit is no exception. It will start losing about 5% of its efficiency every year if you do not service it regularly. On the other hand, if you maintain it well on a regular basis, the unit will retain its efficiency for a longer period. This will also mean that your unit will consume less electricity, which will ultimately result in lower electricity bills.

Servicing of an air conditioning unit includes checking of the compressor, cleaning of the blowers and fan coils, oiling the fan motors and checking the system operating temperatures and pressures. Your contractor must not use a brush or vacuum to clean the blowers and fan coils because using a brush will release dirt in the air, which can cause breathing problems. The evaporator coil must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis.

Home or office owners who continue to use very old air conditioners can save precious energy and money by opting for a new air conditioning unit. Remember, an air conditioner must have the requisite minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). You must look for an Energy Star sticker that gives the energy efficiency rating.

Tips to save energy costs while running your air conditioning unit

By following the simple steps below, you can save the energy costs of your air conditioning unit:

Operate the ceiling fan simultaneously or in conjunction with a window air conditioner. This will spread cool air more evenly and more effectively throughout the area and help the smooth operation of the air conditioner.

Ensure that the doors and windows are sealed properly.

Leave enough space between the walls and your air conditioner to allow better air circulation.

Set your air conditioner thermostat as high as comfortably possible in the summer season. The less the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower will be the air conditioner’s energy consumption.

Do not set the thermostat at a colder setting than what is considered normal especially when you switch on your air conditioning system. If you think it will cool your home faster, this is a common misconception

Do not place electric lamps or television sets near the air-conditioning thermostat. It senses the extreme heat emitted by these appliances. This can cause your air conditioner to exert much more energy than necessary.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner helps

You should keep in mind the various factors that go into the selection of an appropriate air conditioner for your home or office. For example, while buying an air conditioner, you need to consider the size of the room in which the unit is going to be installed. The air conditioner capacity should be in proportion to the area to be cooled by it.

If a unit with a lower capacity is installed in a big room, it will have to work extra hard to cool the room, thus increasing the load on it. Even though larger air conditioners cost more, they are beneficial in the long run. There are ways to establish the cooling capacity of an air conditioner.

To keep your air conditioner in proper working condition, it is important to get it serviced and inspected by a professional on a regular basis. Ideally, an annual servicing of the air conditioning unit should be done. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner system will not only ensure a cool, comfortable ambience, but also reduced energy bills.

Remember, it is also necessary to spend more on your air conditioning system’s accessories to guarantee the quality.

Dealing with a common problem faced by your air conditioner

The way your air conditioning unit dries your home or office area is by removing moisture present in the air. That must go somewhere! The moisture is flushed out through its condensation on the cold refrigeration coils and then allowing it to run down a drain pan.

Most air conditioning systems make use of a PVC pipe to drain out the water to a floor drain or sink. Often the problem is the accumulation of dirt. It will clog the drain line and also clog the pan. This problem will eventually crop up in your air conditioning system, unless it is taken care of in time. This may make a terrible mess of the whole cooling process and make it seem like your system is losing efficiency. It really is not the case. The problem is rather quite easy to fix.

Just take a wet dry vacuum to clean up the unit’s drain line. In a majority of cases, this will be enough to fix the problem. If the drain pan has become really dirty, you will need to take the covers off the air conditioning unit and then vacuum it out. In some cases you may even have to make use of compressed air, nitrogen or CO2 so as to blow out the drain line to clear the dirt.

Choosing the right air conditioning unit

An air conditioner is a must in invariably all offices and establishments. The intensity or extent of its usage depends on climatic conditions at any given time of the year and also the number of occupants. Choosing the right kind of air conditioning unit with the optimum cooling capacity is very important for saving on your energy bills.

An important factor to consider when selecting your air conditioner for use on a day to day basis is its energy efficiency ratio. Nowadays it is compulsory for the manufacturers of appliances to attach a tag with the appliance that mentions its energy efficiency and electric usage.

It is important to look for an air conditioner, which consumes less electricity to save on the electric bill. If you need to cool a smaller room, a low-capacity air conditioner would suffice. If you install a large air conditioner for a smaller room, or vice versa, you would end up coughing up more money on the payment of your electricity bills.

Last but not least, get the help of professional air conditioner cleaning and servicing companies if you do not have the time, skill or resources to maintain your air conditioner. Experts will check for any problems and service it thoroughly to prevent future problems and breakdowns.

Ideas for efficient use of your air conditioner

Once you are a proud owner of the latest air conditioning system, we recommend some important steps, which you should follow for its efficient use.

If you do not make use of the air conditioning system on a daily basis, you should keep the thermostat on a low reading.

Lack of maintenance brings down the efficiency of an air conditioner. If the locality you live in is dusty or if you have pets at home, you should frequently service your air conditioner.

Regular maintenance is necessary because studies indicate that poor indoor air quality can be more harmful to the occupants’ health than the air pollution outside. This is because of different reasons, and one of them is improper filtration in the air conditioning system.

An air filter has a very important role to play in the system’s cooling process and also increasing its overall efficiency. An air conditioning filter helps to keep the air inside clean. The air that you would breathe without a properly functioning air filter will be full of pollutants so, you should check it regularly.

A dirty and clogged air conditioning system will restrict airflow and will not cool the area effectively.

Aspects to consider when buying an air conditioner

There is a wide variety of air conditioners available to choose from with many leading brands having the latest products on offer – each having their own unique features.

When you are planning to buy an air conditioner for any home or office space, following aspects need to be carefully considered:

•    Work out the way in which the various rooms in your home or office are designed for specific use.
•    Understand the work culture at the office or lifestyle of the family.
•    Find out which of the rooms will generally have more occupants than other rooms.
•    Keep in mind the number of floors your home or office has.

It is necessary to take into account the extent of exposure that each room has to the elements. Humidity in your local area will also be a factor. While purchasing an air conditioner, go for the one that best suits your needs.

One should look to minimise the usage cost by using the air conditioning system efficiently. This will help to save energy and cut down on the electricity bills. A thorough servicing of your air conditioning unit should be done on regular basis with the help of experts to ensure hassle-free functioning for a longer period.

Safeguarding your air conditioning units

Though an air conditioning unit looks a complex, heavy piece of machinery, actually it is not so difficult to maintain, especially with the help of experts who have the proper knowledge of air conditioning systems.

If you seek proper advice, you can probably safeguard your air conditioning units with minimal effort and cost involved so that it works effectively for a long period. For instance, if the filters are cleaned regularly and the grille kept clean, it will enhance performance by providing cool air effectively. Heavy particles block the air filters in a majority of cases, which causes less air to pass through, largely because of c hoking of the dust inside. Air filters are to be cleaned regularly which is a simple task.

The common problems in an air conditioner are ineffective cooling, a rattling sound while being shut down and the collection of water puddles. For common problems there is no need to call the service engineers. Many of them can be solved by you simply by going through the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer and following the instructions accordingly.

Before attempting to solve the minor problems yourself, firstly you must ensure that the unit is switched off.

Split air-conditioners have multiple benefits

There are two types of air conditioners, namely window and split air conditioners. A window unit is good enough for a single room or two rooms without a partition, whereas the split unit is advisable for more than a single or double room and much larger space.

Window unit can be mounted, as the term suggests, only on an open window or outlet. On the other hand, the split unit can be placed anywhere, even in a room without a window, since the main unit is placed elsewhere. The split unit is sleek and has the advantage of better cooling though with a slightly higher consumption of power than that of the window unit.

Split type systems are usually preferred because the noise of the unit is far away from the room where the outlets are kept. This is the main reason for their popularity.

The condensing unit and the compressor are kept in different places and ducts are used to bring the cool air to the room where the outlet is kept. This way only a very small place is occupied to keep the outlet unlike window unit, which takes up a large space to accommodate the cooling unit.

The UK air-conditioning industry on an upsurge

Sudden climate changes are now occurring because of global warming. As a result, even countries with a history of chilly weather are becoming warmer at certain times. Air conditioning has now become a necessity rather than a sheer luxury. It is now a very important aspect in the context of office logistics.

A cool atmosphere against the heat and humidity is good for comfortable living and a stress-free environment. But with climate change, as mentioned above, even people in cooler climates feel the need for air conditioning at home or office on a regular basis. Therefore the air conditioning in the UK has now transformed into an important industry. Noticeable advances have been made in upgrading the existing cooling technology to make the systems eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The air conditioning units in homes generally consist of a wall mounted outlet to release cool air in each room, along with a small compressor unit kept outside the room. Copper wires connect the cooling system and the outlet in the rooms, which carry the cool air. It also returns refrigerant gas back to the processing unit. A remote control is used to regulate the air flow in the room.