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Invasion of the Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner units clinging to the sides of buildings are a regular sight these days, especially in humid parts of the world, and as such generally exist without so much as a glance from passers-by. Continue reading

Funny Air Conditioning Video

Something that made us laugh, it’s not often you come across a great air conditioning advert!

Military Air Conditioning

Military Air ConditionerTo cool down military tents it is important that air conditioning units are practical, flexible and robust. There are some specific units designed to cool down army tents and military equipment. The ideal unit for military cooling should be able to operate in up to 50°C. They also need to be a powerful enough air conditioning unit to cool down electrical equipment. It would be beneficial if the air conditioning unit had flexible ducting and hosing so that the unit could also be used to spot cool electrical equipment and so that the cool air can be directed into or onto a specific area or machine.

It is essential that the air conditioning units can withstand intensive use throughout extreme conditions, they should also be fairly easy to set up, maintain and use in all conditions and situations. The air conditioning unit shown below has the capacity to cool up to 49m² and the unit also comes in a larger size that has the ability to cool up to 58m². This unit is ideal for military cooling and tent cooling as the hot air can be vented straight out of the top of the unit, or alternatively up to 12m of hosing can be attached. The venting at the front of the unit can also be directed and up to 6m of ducting can be added so that the cool air can also be directed towards specific areas or equipment.

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