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Another Air Conditioning Plot Hits 24

Over the years, we’ve seen the likes of Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida and Renee Walker chase numerous terrorists and suspects through back alleys, dock yards and sewers – with the occasional favourite thrown in – the air conditioning shaft.

Every great movie or TV series possesses a classic air con vent scene, and the recent episode number thirteen of this season’s 24, currently on Sky One, was no different. And thirteen certainly proved unlucky for someone.

Though this wasn’t an old fashioned hunt through the ventilation system, this was far more sinister.

It’s been apparent for a while that data analyst Dana Walsh isn’t all that she seems. With a self-confessed criminal past and having already disposed of an ex-boyfriend, Kevin, and his accomplice in a lake earlier in the series, she’s a proven butter-wouldn’t-melt-but-seriously-deadly assassin. And she’s proved it once again.

Investigating the disappearance of her previous boyfriend was his parole officer, simply referred to as Officer Prady. He can tell that Dana is a tough nut to crack and can sense she knows more than she’s letting on with regards to Kevin being missing. With Dana realising that Prady is on to her, she strangles him dead and hides his body in an air conditioning service duct. He could be there for weeks, months, years… who knows?

Bad girl! But we didn’t realise quite how bad she was until moments later, she was revealed to be a dirty traitor liaising with the terrorists that are currently threatening the security of New York.

24 is as good as ever…

Dana Walsh - 24

Dana Walsh – Don’t Mess With Her